Hayeminol: Lasse Bull, Ånon Sørnes Bakkjen, Kofi Álvaro Kjølstad Erdal. Photo: Paal Ritter Schjerven.

Hayeminol is a young punk rock trio from Oslo. Band leader, producer, guitarist, singer and principal song writer Ånon Sørnes Bakkjen started making and performing music at a very young age, and the best of his songs so far have ended up as the band’s debut album Hayemania! on Hærverk Industrier, where he is backed by two other teenagers, bassist Lasse Bull and drummer Kofi Álvaro Kjølstad Erdal. The lyrics are in Norwegian, English and Hayeminolian, a fantasy language invented by Ånon as a kid.

Bandcamp: https://hayeminol.bandcamp.com