Turbonecro: Harry, Bingo, Carlos, Vegard. Photo: Morten Andersen.

Take off your sailor caps and put your helmets on: Turbonecro is coming to town! Turbonecro are the toxic debris hailing from the early days of the dearly beloved Turbonegro: Vegard (guitar) founded the first incarnation way back in 1989, Carlos (drums) joined shortly thereafter, while Bingo (bass) and Harry (vocals) are other relics from the pre-Apocalyptic era. Together they play angry deathpunk and other hymns of hate, fear and loathing.

Turbonecro’s first record is expected to be out in 2020.

Bandcamp: https://turbonecro.bandcamp.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Turbonecro-1794686080580162/

Upcoming shows
Nothing at the moment…

Past shows
17.03.20 | Kafé Hærverk [live stream] | Oslo, NO
16.02.19 | Lobbyen | Trondheim, NO
15.02.19 | KulturHuset | Tromsø, NO
21.12.19 | Enga | Oslo, NO
19.10.19 | Turbonegro 30 År | Rockefeller Music Hall | Oslo, NO
17.10.19 | Oslo Bloodbath Part X | Kafé Hærverk | Oslo, NO
31.08.19 | Hellbotn Metalfest 2019 | Kolben kulturhus | Kolbotn, NO
02.06.19 | The Chameleon | Nottingham, UK
31.05.19 | Turbojugend London 2nd Anniversary | The Unicorn | London, UK
30.05.19 | The Pipeline | Brighton, UK
11.05.19 | Blitz | Oslo, NO
01.02.19 | Helsinki Must Be Destroyed 2019 | Elmun Baari | Helsinki, FI
26.01.19 | Enga | Oslo, NO
29.12.18 | Last Train | Oslo, NO
24.11.18 | Cementen | Stavanger, NO
22.11.18 | Kafé Hærverk | Oslo, NO

Technical rider
Carlos: Basic drumkit with mics on kick and snare plus overheads (minimum). Back of stage center.
Bingo: Fender Rumble 500 combo + 210 cab or similar bass amp mic’d up plus vocal mic on high stand. Stage left.
Vegard: Orange Rockerverb 50 MKIII combo or similar guitar amp mic’d up. Stage right.
Harry: Vocal mic with minimum 10m cable on high stand. Front of stage center.